About Us

ImmunoTag™ is a trade mark for the ancillary brand of Geno Technology Inc.

In last two decades, Geno Technology Inc. has branched out into the wide spectrum of life sciences research; but the primary target still remains to develop the affordable methods/products, to simplify and improve the techniques used in biological research

ImmunoTag™ is being incorporated to emphasize on immunology research and to offer the comprehensive range of products related to
 - Apolipoprotein                                    - Apoptosis & Cancer
 - Cardiovascular                                    - Cell Cycle & Checkpoint Control
 - Chromatin & Nuclear Signaling        - Cytokines & Growth Factors
 - DNA Damage & Repair                      - Enzymes
 - Immunity & Infection                         - Metabolism
 - Neuroscience                                      - Signal Transduction
 - Small Molecules                                  - Stem Cell