Biochemical & Enzyme Activity Assays

ImmunoTag™ high sensitive biochemical & enzyme activity assays can be applied for the detection of targets related to blood lipids, liver function, myocardial enzyme detection, renal function, glucose metabolism, pancreas, etc. The kits detect the samples from serum plasma, tissue extracts, cell lysate, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluid. The results should be measured with Spectrophotometer (Visible range/ UV), Microplate Reader and Biochemical Analyzer. The kits are guaranteed to provide you other advantages, such as good stability, wide linear range, time saving, competitive prices, strong anti-interference, etc.

The kits are supplied with standard components, including:
•    96-Well Microplate
•    Assay Buffer
•    Substrate Powder
•    Substrate Diluent
•    Dye Reagent
•    Reference Standard
•    Plate Sealer
•    Product Manual