ImmunoTag™ ready-to-use ELISA kits are ideal for the quantitative determination of target antigens from the sample source of tissue extracts, serums, body fluids and cell culture supernatants. The sample source could be from the wide range of species including human, mouse, rat, bovine, equine, canine, etc.

The ELISA kits are supplied with standard components, including:
•    Pre-coated ELISA Plate (1 x 96 well)
•    Biotin-detection Antibody (Concentrated)
•    HRP-Streptavidin Conjugate (SABC)
•    SABC Dilution Buffer
•    Sample / Standard Dilution Buffer
•    Antibody Dilution buffer
•    Lyophilized Standard
•    TMB Substrate
•    Stop Solution
•    Wash Buffer (25X)
•    Plate Sealer
•    Product Manual