Cellular Assays

Cellular Assays are essential process prior to any cell-based study of cultured cells for screening different parameters leading to cell viability, proliferation, cytotoxicity and cell death (apoptosis or necrosis).
Cell health assays are vital for screening various drugs to study cellular changes that lead to pathological conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and neuro degeneration; to identify the factors that affect specific biological processes such as stem cell differentiation, immune cell activation etc.
Apoptosis is a cellular process involving a genetically programmed series of events leading to the death of a cell. During this process, several key events occur in mitochondria, including the release of caspase activators such as cytochrome c, changes in electron transport, and loss of mitochondrial trans-membrane potential.
Mitochondria also referred as “power-houses of cell” as they generate the majority of cellular ATP via oxidative phosphorylation. Furthermore, ß-oxidation of short-, medium and long- chain fatty acids is carried in mitochondria and mitochondria are involved in ROS generation and apoptosis. Mitochondria also play a key role in intermediary metabolism.  Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to variety of market therapeutics and also to several pathological diseases. Therefore studying or checking mitochondrial health is paramount to cell health.